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Important Facts

Website Cost

Start Up

Standard Template $25.00
Setup Website $150.00
Additional Pages $75.00
Custom Dynamic Pages $150.00
Custom Design Per Hr rat $35.00
E-Commerce $35.00

Long Term

Minor Change $25.00
Maintenance Monthly Rate $35.00
Major Changes $50.00
Additional Pages $75.00

Owner of Website

You should know that it is your site and you need to own it. The way to do that is to own the Domain Name and sign up for a hosting account yourself.

You can do this by registering the domain name and selecting a web host yourself. You have a number of options. Go to a search engine (Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and search for 'domain name'. It is simple a process. All the large hosting providers have excellent servers people to help you.
Domain Name $10-$15 per year
Hosting $8-$15 per month

Is Website Visible - SEO

How Many hits do you get on the site and is it optimized for the search engines. You can have a great looking site but it is not listed in the search engines and you get no hits on the site. The site may have a grate flashy look but no one sees it.

Does the developer work to keep the site in the top of the search engines? Does the developer work to insure that your site is properly maintained and up to date.

Is Website Mobile -

Website tells your story

Ever one has a story to tell about their business and your site needs to tell that story to the readers. In a way that makes you stand out. Your site needs to stand out and give the reader a reason to do business with you.

Remember that you need content on your site not just cooooool graphics. The Search Engines are blind. But, they read very well. You need to know that the way you organize your site makes a deference.

Website Cost Calculator

The calculator assumes that you have a logo and are using a Standard Template. A site with 4 pages (Home, About Us, Product, and Contact) = $400.00

Enter Number of Pages in Your Site
= Estimated Cost

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